Wednesday, 9 January 2008

The Joy Of Journals

A New Year and a new journal ~ blank pages waiting to be filled with thoughts and gratitude for everyday events. I saw this journal and knew that it was just perfect. The cover depicts one of Cicely May Barker's Flower Fairies and what could be more appropriate for both the front cover and the first page I opened than Rose Fairy?

Flower Fairies are tiny creatures that live in gardens and meadows. When a seed sprouts, a Flower Fairy baby is born. Flower fairies live in their chosen flower and look after it, ensuring that it remains strong and healthy. Flower fairies are shy creatures so if you are fortunate enough to spot one ~ the best time to see them is at twilight, midnight or shortly before dawn ~ be sure to keep their presence a secret.

Cicely May Barker's beautiful stories were first published in 1923 and they have delighted generations of children and adults alike.

The World is very old;
But every Spring
It groweth young again,
And fairies sing.

Flower Fairies of the Spring, 1923


Anonymous said...

What a lovely journal, Marie! Something so beautiful is sure to inspire you to write in it often. I've never actually seen the fairies in my garden but I know they're there because I hear their musical laughter whenever I'm out there. ~ hugs, Lynda xo

Heidi said...

Your journal is so pretty! I have never been good at keeping journals until I started blogging. I think it is the interaction with others as a way to make new online friends.

I love the flower fairies even though I don't have any of the books. They are so well done and don't them make you believe in fairies?

Hugs ~

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Beautiful journal Marie, yes, I can well imagine how inspirational this is going to be for your daily entries. I was pleased to read that you enjoy keeping a diary (as I call it). I am an avid diarist, have been for years. I hope that someday my grand children, or even maybe theirs will have some pleasure or fascination from reading the things grandmother enjoyed doing and how life was in my day.

My choice of a diary has a more conventional look, I always choose a plain black or navy cover, it has to be A5 size and a page to a day. I always use the same type of pen and ink too.

May your entries for 2008 be filled with much joy. With Love - Marion

Tracy said...

Beautiful journal, Marie...a lovely way to start the New Year. I've always loved the works of C. Barker. Happy Weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

Rhondi said...

Hi I found your blog through your comment on Heidi's. I grew up in Toronto but moved to the US in 1994 I love a new journal too. All those blank pages just waiting to be filled with my thoughts and ideas!

Mia said...

That journal is just lovely! And it is also lovely to start the new year with a new journal, with clean white pages, to be filled as the year progresses. I used to write a of journal of a sort... but since I started blogging, my blog is my journal that records the different seasons and life around our smallholding, and the things I make throughout the year.

Tea Time and Roses said...

A lovely post Marie! Beautiful journal and sweet little flower fairy. I see she loves roses too!! :o) I must visit the site to see more of these sweet little fairies! Thank you so much for sharing.