Monday, 21 January 2008

In The Bleak Midwinter

The temperature has plunged in the last few days and we really are experiencing the bleak midwinter. This morning we awoke to -12 C with a wind chill of -22 C. I haven't been out since Saturday morning and I am trying to put off the inevitable as long as possible!

I went to the thrift shop on Friday afternoon and look what I found. I bought this pretty quilt for $6.00 ~ original price $7.99, but they were having a sale! I think that it had only just come in because it was still on a rack with a load of clothes and had not been added to the relevant section. I saw someone else looking at it, but she walked away and then I made my move! She had obviously rejected it because of a couple of marks I spotted, but with a bit of elbow grease and my incredible stain remover, they soon disappeared.

It went straight into the washing machine as soon as I got home, then spent two hours in the dryer with a few drops of lavender oil and was soon fluffed up and sweet smelling.

I had been looking for a quilt for our leather sofa for some time. When we purchased it, we were persuaded that it was perfect for all seasons, but that is not strictly true ~ it is cold to sit on in winter and hot and sticky in summer and yes, it is real leather!

It proved to be the perfect fit ~ it is actually a similar colour to the sofa, which is a creamy/beige leather, so it matches our existing furniture. And in case I want to know whether to venture outdoors, I also found this German-made barometer ~ another $6.00 bargain, which polished up beautifully and is now hanging on the wall in the hall.


Tracy said...

Oh, but I love that quilt, Marie! Such a pretty pattern. And so lovely it matches the rest of your decor. Barometers are graceful objects as well as useful, aren't they? Such wonderful finds! Happy week to you, my friend ((HUGS))

Heidi said...

You found two wonderful bargains! How fun to be able to find something so wonderful and pay so little for the treasures.

We have the opposite here. It is normally around 5C at the highest and we are having temperatures around 11C with lots of wind and rain. It feels only like winter because of hearing the wind howling around our windows.

Happy Monday!

Hugs ~

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous quilt, Marie! How do you use the lavender oil in your dryer? I'd love to try that! ~ hugs, Lynda xox

Sandra said...

I didn't realize you had two blogs Marie, and just found this one today. I've really enjoyed reading through your posts!

Love the quilt and such a great buy, too! What do you use to get stains out?

I always like the look of a barometer. It looks good hanging on your wall.

Wild Rose said...

Lynda ~ I use unscented sheets of Bounce and add essential oil ~ I used 9 drops for the quilt and it was lightly scented when it came out of the dryer.

Sandra ~ I use a stain bar called Ban-it, which is from the U.K., where it is called Vanish. It is really amazing and removes some of the most stubborn stains.

Marie x