Monday, 17 December 2007

Christmas Sparkle

A trip to the newsagents this morning was richly rewarded by the arrival of two magazines that I have been looking forward to buying for several weeks. The first is the Christmas issue of Country Living magazine, which has been on sale in the UK since November, but takes a while to land here in Canada. I am delighted that it actually put in an appearance before Christmas, so there is time to enjoy it before the actual event next week ~ normally, it arrives after the festivities have ended.

The second is a magazine that I read about at Pink Purl. Whilst my french is probably not up to this, I am looking forward to browsing through the pictures and seeing some French style: Marie Claire idees. This is packed with festive goodies and projects.

I have been experiencing a few problems lately with loading photographs to Blogger. Added to this is the issue of my blog banner shrinking ~ can anyone offer a solution to this one? I tried deleting and reloading the photograph, but it has not made any difference.

I'm going to put my feet up and enjoy my purchases this evening. After an hour of digging our car out of a snow drift this afternoon ~ I was on brushing duty clearing more than a foot of snow off the roof ~ I think that I have earned it!

After The Storm

This morning, we awoke to much brighter conditions than yesterday. We managed to get a few photographs while the sun was shining. This is the garden of our building ~ in places, the snow came over the top of my boots, so I got quite wet trying to reach the trees!

The house across the street and a close-up of the snow on the branches.

We still haven't worked out how to get our car out, as we have a Mini and the snow is at the top of the wheel arches!