Monday, 24 December 2007


Saturday marked the Winter Solstice and the ancient festival of Yule. This feast marks the elder moon: the last moon of the year. It is a celebration of the sun and rebirth after the shortest day of the year. At the time of the Winter Solstice the earth's northern hemisphere tilts back towards the sun.

There are many associations between the festival of Yule and Christmas. A sense of completion of the cycle of the year; of wholeness and of birth.

We celebrate the birth of Jesus and remember a star shining in the east ~ a symbol of hope; candles and evergreens decorate our homes and a Christmas wreath ~ a symbol of the life cycle of the year and the seasons.

Candles light our homes on dark winter afternoons and evenings and the Yule log burns in the hearth. These symbols of fire and light remind us that the sun will return.

May this winter season be a time of celebration for you and your family. A time to contemplate the wonder of Christmas and the hope that it brings. May you have light in your heart and your home. May the many blessings of Christmas be yours to share with those you love.

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