Wednesday, 5 December 2007

White Christmas

Last night I decided that it was time to get into the Christmas spirit and watch an old favourite of mine ~ White Christmas. I have lost count of the number of times that I have seen this film, but I remember watching it as a child and dreaming of a white Christmas.

Growing up in the U.K. we never had a proper white Christmas. On rare occasions, there was a light powdering of snow, but nothing significant. Even here in Toronto, we have had two successive green Christmas Days and it seems that the likelihood of having snow at this time is diminishing. This probably has a lot to do with climate change, as our winters generally have been much less severe than even five years ago.

Having said this, we will probably be in for a bad one this year, but hopefully, all our Christmas wishes will come true.


Heidi said...

Oh I agree with you about this being the best holiday film! I have it on video and just never tire of seeing it. Humm, I think I will get it out along with my various version of the Nutcracker.

Living in Holland means living without snow. They rarely get a snow day here. It is more likely to have a very heavy frost and since it is so damp, it looks white. That is always so pretty. I miss the snow of my childhood as I am from Ohio and we used to have many white Christmasses. I am going to make a Christmas wish for you ~ that you have the perfect white Christmas this year.

~~ Heidi ~~

Tea Time and Roses said...

How I wish I could experience a white Christmas! When the snow falls in the mountains, we drive up to Julian a little town about an hours drive to enjoy snow, Christmas goodies, shopping and snowball fights! :o)

Continue to enjoy the season.


Mia said...

Even here in Norway we are not guaranteed a white Christmas (as used to be the cases years ago). It must indeed be the climate change. In recent winters we have not seen snow properly until well into January, and this seems to be the case this year too. Just a lot of rain and fairly mild. But I do miss the white Christmases, and still live in hope...

Ex-Shammickite said...

I see that you are getting yourself properly Christmasified.... only a couple weeks to go now. I really have to get my shopping done and get those cards sent, I'm way behind this year.
My 2 sons will be having Christmas dinner with their in-law families this year, so we will be having a family dinner a few days before Christmas, far less stressful if you ask me!