Thursday, 13 December 2007

Lights, Camera, Action

The Christmas tree is up and partially decorated. I spent some time getting all of the lights sorted out and putting them on the tree. It really amazes me that I must have strung almost 300 lights, yet it hardly looks like there are any on it! I believe that I once read that you need about 100 lights per foot to make an impact! At that rate, I would have needed about 600 lights ~ not sure where I would have put all the wire though.

We don't have a mantelpiece as such, so the top of a bookshelf has to suffice. It is where we put our stocking hangers and a few pretty poinsettia lights and candles.

This is our collection of Christmas ornaments ~ an angel and two snowmen, which are fun. The stocking hangers are on the left of the photograph. Some of you may remember the clock from a previous post here.

And this was the view from our windows this afternoon. It started snowing late morning and we had big flakes by early afternoon. There was already some snow on the ground from the last snowfall, but all footprints were quickly erased. The snow is set to continue into tomorrow, but I don't think that we are expecting all that much.

I had to get the camera out to capture this shot, as I keep missing the snowfall. Each time it snows; I think that I will go out and take some photographs later and somehow, I never seem to find the time. Life has been fairly hectic around here for the last couple of weeks and it looks like it is set to continue until closer to the big day. Having predicted that it would probably be another green Christmas; it is beginning to look like we may be in for a white Christmas after all.

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