Thursday, 27 December 2007

Christmas Memories

Yesterday, we went for a walk in the Beach area of the city, but once we got down by the lake, we discovered that it was very cold and damp. Instead of walking along the boardwalk as we had intended; we stayed on Queen Street and walked along browsing in shop windows.

Many of the stores were closed for Boxing Day, but a newsagents was open and we went in to get out of the cold. What should catch my eye as I walk in the door but this book: Christmas Memories by Susan Branch. It was reduced to one third its original price, making it far too good a bargain to pass by.

Christmas Memories is a keepsake book with space to record favourite aspects of Christmas ~ family photographs and special memories of each year. I look forward to turning it into a treasury that we can look back on as the years pass.

Speaking of memories made me think about Christmases past and what evokes those feelings from childhood ~ the excitement as the day approached and the sense of anticipation. I think that for me it is the aromas of Christmas ~ the smell of Christmas cake baking in the oven; the herbs and spices associated with Christmas meals.

I spoke to my sister on Christmas Day and she told me that my nephew awoke at 4am and was excited to see that Santa had visited. Needless to say, she was not too happy to be roused at such an hour, but it brought back memories for me of the time when my brother and I were caught opening our presents in the early hours of Christmas Day ~ how can anyone as young as 4 years' of age be expected to wait until dawn! Happy Days!


Naturegirl said...

Hello Marie!
Wishing YOU a bright Happy New Year
filled with peace love inspiration prosperity and many blessings.
Hugs NG

Tracy said...

Such sweet days...Glad you're having a wonderful Christmas. We have been too--a gentle mix of festivity and semi-hibernations...a bliss! Wishing you a New Year full of love, peace and JOY! ((HUGS))

Heidi said...

You are so right about a 4 year old never being able to wait to see that Santa has visited! We should all have the gift of remembering that excitment we all felt as a small child. Does your family live in Canada also or England?

I love Susan Branch and you really found a great bargain! I have many of her cook books. Enjoy filling this book with your own memories.

Wishing you an inspired and creative 2008 dear Marie!

Hugs ~

Wild Rose said...

Thank you so much for your New Year wishes ~ I appreciate your visits and your comments.

My family live in England, so I don't get to see my nephews and niece very often. I do hope to have an opportunity to see them all in 2008.

Marie x

Lana said...

Hello Marie
I had to share concerning my 7 year old grandson's Christmas morning. Since he had been warned by his Mom and Dad that Santa may or may not give him 'one more chance', I suppose he had to be sure - so he set his clock for 1a.m. to check and was bounding upstairs just as my daughter (having JUST finished her mission) was coming down. Needless to say, he did not want to go back to bed.
I love being able to see Christmas morning through the eyes of my grandchildren - what a blessing!