Friday, 30 November 2007

'Tis The Season

As the nights draw in and the cold wind blows, so my thoughts turn to Christmas. Actually, they should have turned towards it weeks ago ~ I have never been so disorganized!

Paul and I went to a Christmas Craft Fair last Saturday ~ as visitors for a change. It was held at Broadway Gardens, which is a garden centre in St Catharine's, Ontario. We had never visited this place before, but I must admit that a lot of the crafts were of poor quality in comparison to the beautiful crafts I see on so many blogs.

I did buy two beautiful poinsettias ~ red, of course. I see the white ones and admire them, but I always want that touch of festive cheer.

On these cold evenings, it is nice to be able to snuggle up under something warm whilst reading or whiling away the hours with some other occupation. I thought that as the season is upon us; it was time to dig out my Christmas blanket.

I made this blanket a few years ago now, but it is still a favourite. I spent weeks knitting the squares and I think that I finished it within a month; so determined was I to have it done for Christmas Eve. The ends are fringed, but it is too large for you to see this in the photo.

The trouble with these darker days and evenings is that I have been unable to take any half decent photographs. I need the lights on even during the day, so I have been putting off taking pictures of my Christmas pieces in the hope of a bright day ~ I have reached the stage now, where I am going to take them regardless! Have a great weekend.


Ex-Shammickite said...

Yes, we are back from our lovely month in Florida, thank you for sticking with my blog when I didn't have internet access to check up on everyone's blogs. We had a lovely time, I really needed that holiday. But I have come home to cold Canadian snow, and I'd like to scoot off back to the beach and the palm trees RIGHT NOW!
More Florida pictures to be posted in the next few days.
Chrismas... well, I haven't even given it a thought yet! And it's our local Santa Calus parade here tomorrow.

Tracy said...

Love that blanket you made! Snuggle under it and enjoy the weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Yes, its that time of year all right, darker days are upon, but we are cheered by the season, just think, it will be our shortest day on 21st December, I always feel we are over the hill of winter then......

I do like your Christmas blanket Marie, lovely colours of the midnight sky, lightened by stars and white snowmen... Beautiful!! I think its rather a nice idea to have special things like this to celebrate the season, there is a sense of comfort about it.

Enjoy warm and snuggly evenings under your blanket with a good book. Luv - Marion x

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hi Marie....

I love poinsettias, and like you I buy the red ones too...tradition I guess, and their pretty red color! What a beautiful shade of blue in that blanket, perfect for cozying up. You have a beautiful week.

Smiles to you...


Heidi said...

I love your afghan!!! That is just so adorable and my mother needs to see it. She has a snowman obsession. I too love both the white and red poinsettias. I have both colors in silk on my Christmas tree branches.

I will be looking forward to seeing some of your Christmas decorations soon. It is such a cheerful time of year no matter how gloomy it is outside.

~~ Heidi ~~